Rock cakes: Debbie Harry Blondies

They don’t come much cooler than Debbie Harry do they? No; the answer is no. Devastatingly beautiful, with that creamy, cool voice and a nonchalance that every front woman since has tried to emulate – she’s part superhero if you ask me. So, obviously, my rock cake collection wouldn’t be complete without an ode to her, and as Blondie are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, now is the time. This is no ordinary blondie recipe mind you, I went all out with leopard print white chocolate, rose petals and figs – a platinum Blondie, worthy of the capital B.

Debbie Harry Blondie brownie recipe

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White chocolate and raspberry shortbread biscuits

Truth be told, I’d take shortbread biscuits over all other biscuit-kind for the simple reason that as well as being deceptively indulgent, they are also incredibly fragile and, dare I say it, fleeting. The dough barely holds itself together, you bake them to the palest shade of gold and you know that the minute a piece of shortbread passes your lips, you have a matter of moments before it melts away – and that’s the trick, it is the very definition of short and sweet.

White chocolate and raspberry shortbread biscuits recipe

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