Ottolenghi’s coffee, cardamom and walnut madeleines

If you own a madeleine tin then, chances are, it’s your favourite tin to bake with. Maybe you get a little misty-eyed each time you butter-up those pretty shells thinking about the tiny Parisian store you brought it in on a sunny August day that seems all too long ago now; or maybe you’re just after a sexy little cake to nibble on with your morning coffee – either way, these nutty little guys are for you.

Ottolenghi coffee, walnut cardamom madeleines recipe

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Apple & elderflower muffins

In a desperate bid to encourage some small sense of summer, I reached for one of my favourite sunny flavours and decided to lace a batch of muffins with it. Bit of baking logic for you there. Elderflower’s fragrant sweetness is so good with apple, its subtle but substantial, and really makes these muffins sing. These light, fluffy lovelies will be the perfect partner to a G&T in the garden should the sun ever come and join the party this year. Sigh.

Apple and elderflower muffins in brown paper cases

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