Apricot and pistachio brioches à tête

You know about me and brioche by now, we’re involved and it’s serious. I would normally be telling you to add absolutely nothing to the buttery perfection of a good brioche dough, why would you? But for those days when you feel like embracing a more is more attitude, give these babies a try. Crunchy pistachios and sweet tangy apricots manage to hold their own against the richness of the brioche, and they’re even better torn in half, smothered in jam and served as breakfast in bed.

Aprioct and pistachio brioches a tete


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French fancies: Fougasse with chorizo and thyme

In an attempt to prove that I don’t live on cake alone, I thought I’d give artisanal French bread a whirl for a change. The Fougasse flat loaf is a traditional French bread that is often shaped and slashed to resemble a fern leaf and left hanging elegantly in the windows of French bakeries. Well, fern leaf might be pushing it this time around, but fresh out of the oven, torn into pieces and slathered with good butter, I quickly forgot about my artistic failings. You will too.

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