A Charlie Brown Christmas cake

Apologies for the radio silence these past few weeks, I was deep in revision mode for my final exams at Le Cordon Bleu which I’m pleased to say all went well. I am now the proud owner of an Intermediate Patisserie certificate and could not be happier. Graduation is in a few days time so I thought I would share with you all my final LCB bake, the Charlie Brown Christmas cake. We made the cakes at the start of term back in September, and the chefs have fed them with rum each week, so, hello drunk! Our last couple of classes were then dedicated to decorating the cakes and voila, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock on a glitter-strewn, snowy cake. Hooray!

A Charlie Brown Christmas cake

So, in the run up to Christmas I’ll be posting festive recipes with added oh la la, starting with some sublime ginger moose biscuits on Friday (moose are cooler than reindeer, there I said it), and then the New Year will see me heading out on my own, making and selling my baked goodies, writing recipes, applying for pastry jobs, and generally surrounding myself with cake. The blog won’t miss a single step of this crazy ass journey so please do keep checking back, commenting and being brilliant.


Pistachio and orange blossom cake

Don’t you just love pistachios? They’re so damn chic as well as delicious, all jade green with a hint of pink, definitely the prettiest of nuts and my favourite to bake with. This gorgeous cake partners the pistachios with the delicate tang of orange blossom water, a winning combo that contrasts well with the creamy mascarpone topping. Swayed by the sophisticated flavours, I decided to make some crystallised lavender flowers to sit on top, these are super simple but are best done the day before so that they can be left to dry overnight.

Pistachio and orange blossom cake on a cake stand and a vase of flowers

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Rock cakes: the Nirvana smiley

Introducing the founding member of my rock cakes collection, the Nirvana smiley face. Yep I somehow managed to grunge-up a Victoria sponge, air punch! It wasn’t my intention to start a series of music-inspired bakes but this guy was such a hit and so much fun to design and make, that I decided to run with it. There’ll be plenty more rock cakes in the coming weeks but if there are any particular bands or pop tarts you’d like to see me immortalise in cake, then feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll see what I ┬ácan do. Back to Smiley….

Black and yellow Nirvana smiley face cake

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