Apricot and pistachio brioches à tête

You know about me and brioche by now, we’re involved and it’s serious. I would normally be telling you to add absolutely nothing to the buttery perfection of a good brioche dough, why would you? But for those days when you feel like embracing a more is more attitude, give these babies a try. Crunchy pistachios and sweet tangy apricots manage to hold their own against the richness of the brioche, and they’re even better torn in half, smothered in jam and served as breakfast in bed.

Aprioct and pistachio brioches a tete


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More adventures at Le Cordon Bleu

Last time we spoke about my pâtisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu I was saying goodbye. The basic course was over and I really did think that I was done. Fast forward a couple of months and I’m midway through the intermediate level – what can I say, it was just too soon to leave. The learning curve has been steep but I’m loving my new set of skills and the creative challenges that the term is throwing at me. So I thought I’d show you guys what I’ve been up to back at school with a gallery of goodies. Special mention must go to my step palette knife who has become my best friend of late, he’s called Walter and he rules.

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French fancies: Brioche

One thing you should know about me up front is that I’m a card-carrying Francophile. If it’s French I will either want to eat it, drink it, wear it or visit it, which will explain the French pâtisserie course I’m about to start at Le Cordon Bleu (eek, more on this as and when my first day of school beckons!) and my nifty little recipe category French fancies. First up we have brioche, the butteriest bread in all the land and the recipe that has single-handedly taught me baking persistence. There will be mess, your arms will feel like they are going to drop off but within minutes of your loaf going into the oven, your kitchen will smell like Paris.

A freshly baked brioche loaf cooling on a wire rack.

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