I’m back – so sorry it’s been so long!

Hello you lovely lot!

I just wanted to apologise for disappearing for a little while but I have a really good excuse – I’ve landed a job, a foodie job. Since the summer, I’ve been working as a chocolatier at Paul A Young Fine Chocolates, where we spend every day elbow deep in incredible chocolate making handmade truffles and bars for Paul’s four beautiful London shops. If you’re a fan of chocolate (and let’s face it, who isn’t) follow Paul on Instagram, @paul_andrew_young, for endless pics of his gorgeous creations.

Close up of Paul A Young Easter eggsClose up of Paul A Young trufflesTime Out Quit your job and become a chocolatier

Needless to say what with Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter being our busiest times, chocolate has taken over quite a bit but don’t worry, I’m still utterly in love with baking and as of this week will be back on track with a weekly bake to share as well as videos, photos and all sorts of foodie inspiration. What else? Oh yes, I have a new favourite food blog that I can’t recommend highly enough called Fork and Mouth – you’ll want to try every single recipe, I promise. So pleased to be back in BloggingLand again and thanks for your continued support guys, really appreciate it.


Chocolate honeycomb shards

First of all, this is a not an homage to the Crunchie. It’s more like what happens when a Crunchie takes a trip to the dark side, rolls around in all manner of sexy toppings and turns up at the end of a dinner party, just in time to be served with the coffee. That type of thing. This is all because when I make caramel I take it pretty dark, cooking it past the golden stage until it turns a deep, burnt amber. This smokes up the sweetness of the honeycomb making it the perfect partner to dark chocolate and a sprinkling of something sharp, salty or sour.

Chocolate honeycomb recipe

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