Diary of a sourdough starter: days 5-11

It’s fair to say that I’ve grown very fond of Tallulah. From day 5 onwards the feeding and discarding process has become loads more enjoyable purely because of how amazing she smells now. There’s a boozy, hoppy sweetness to the starter that reminds me of great beer, as well as the aroma of freshly risen dough. Just like Hugh said, you will get to the stage where you’ll want to bake with it, and I reckon I’m there. So, today – day 11 – instead of discarding half of the starter as per usual, I poured out 100ml into a large bowl, and added 250g of strong flour (I am sticking with my 50/50 split of wholemeal and white flours but you can use one or the other too) plus 275ml warm water. This is called the sponge and once you have mixed the ingredients together you then cover this with clingfilm and leave it to ferment overnight. I know, I know this sourdough business is long-winded but if I’m honest, that’s what I’m finding so exciting, it’s a labour of love. All that will remain is for me to turn the sponge into dough tomorrow, prove it overnight again, and then Sunday will be bake day, but I’ll put all of this in the final instalment after, hopefully, enjoying sourdough and scrambled eggs! Keep them crossed for me people.

From starter to sponge…

Sourdough starter and sponge recipe

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