Diary of a sourdough starter – day one

As a show of my commitment to carbs and sublime slices of toast, I’ve decide that it’s time for me to tackle sourdough – and before there can be sourdough, there must be a sourdough starter. Here she is, meet Tallulah!

Sourdough starter bread recipe

I’ve opted to have my hand held throughout this leap into the bready unknown, by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his sourdough recipe from River Cottage Everyday. The recipe for the starter is simple, 100g of strong bread flour (a mix of 50g wholemeal bread flour, 50g white bread flour) plus as much warm water as it takes to create a batter that is the consistency of thick paint. Consistency achieved you have to leave your starter in a warm place to allow fermentation to start, so over the next 24 hours I’ll be checking for bubbles breaking the surface and the smell of natural yeasts doing their thang. Then, for the next 7-10 days I’ll be feeding and watering Tallulah with fresh flour and water everyday (discarding half of the original mix each time) until she’s a sweet-smelling, yeasty, bubbling mess, then and only then will there hopefully be bread. So, expect regular updates on me and her ladyship over the coming days, and feel free to leave me any sourdough tips in the comments below.

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